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Important Things To Know About The BOTOX Treatment Boca Rotan Companies Provide

By Kevin Wilson

BOTOX is getting a lot of attention from people all throughout the cosmetic industry. These injections are actually the preferred method for minimizing early signs of facial aging. If you want to look younger instantly, there are several important things to note about the BOTOX treatment Boca Rotan locals have access to.

BOTOX is currently being called the lunchtime facelift. This is duet to the fact that it only takes 20 minutes or less to complete these treatments. Once they are finished, people are able to immediately resume their regular activities. It is unnecessary to receive any incisions and there is no tissue removed during these procedures. This is not true with face lift procedures or other invasive cosmetic treatments.

Beyond being remarkably fast, injections like these tend to have very few aftereffects. A lot of people develop minor amounts of swelling and redness. These are issues that frequently go away within mere hours. You must be 18 to receive this procedure. Candidates should not be pregnant at the time of treatment, nor should they be breastfeeding. This is a neurotoxin that has been derived from botulinum. As such, you should not have any neuromuscular issues nor should you have any allergies to this bacteria.

Treatments like these are also relatively pain-free. That's because they are performed with a short, fine needle. This is a lot like the needles that are used for insulin injections. Ice or a topical numbing cream can be applied to ensure patient comfort as well. During your procedure, your provider will make a number of quick injections at your brow, around your eyes and around your lips. These are the locations in which dynamic wrinkles are most likely to appear.

People may see a marked decrease in wrinkles immediately after their procedures. They full effects of this solution, however, could take up to one week to manifest. Only a very small amount of the solution will be placed into the skin at each injection site so that the results are entirely natural-looking.

In order to truly understand the benefits of this procedure, it is important to know more about how BOTOX actually works. This is a powerful neurotoxin. It temporarily immobilizes the facial muscles that are responsible for the formation of dynamic wrinkles. As your facial muscles relax, fine lines across the treated area will be smoothed away.

This solution is only effective for reducing the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. These are facial creases that are directly associated with facial movement. For instance, you may have frown lines or crow's feet that are only visible when you are frowning, furrowing your brow or smiling.

Static wrinkles are a much more advanced facial wrinkling that isn't responsible to solutions like BOTOX. These deeper creases are commonly caused by a breakdown of the skin and volume loss. These are issues that can be easily resolved with dermal filler technologies. Luckily, your provider can use BOTOX and dermal fillers together to safely combat the effects of widespread facial aging when necessary.

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