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For Artificial Grass Florida Is The Place To Visit

By Martha Rogers

Grass that is either natural or artificial is known as turf. Places that mostly have turf installed include golf courses, residential places, sports stadiums and other commercial settings. There are two types of turf, artificial and natural type. Turf that is made up of natural grass and has part of soil held together by the roots is known as the natural. Turfs are grown in specialized farms . They are harvested and taken to targeted markets. When on has to acquire artificial grass Florida needs priority consideration.

Artificial turf is basically a surface made of synthetic fibers and made to resemble natural grass. This type of turf is majorly used in sports settings due to the maintenance part. It is able to withstand heavy uses such as ball games and plus it requires no irrigation since the turf is artificial.

Having natural turf especially on dome covered or partially covered stadiums is very hard to get daylighting in to keep them healthy. That is where this type of turf comes in, it requires no germination. Even though the manufactured grass may look tough but it also has its own downside. It has limited period of existence since it cannot regenerate like the natural one.

There is need of cleaning the turf regularly . This may involve the use of chemicals that are harmful to health. Due to reduced maintenance cost, the use of manufactured turf has increased over time. It is currently used in places such as baseball fields and in indoor games. American football fields, hockey fields and association football are games that have fields containing manufactured turf.

What comes from the baseball fields is encouraging. This is because the ball bounces higher than on the natural turf and also I able to travel faster. This can allow the player to have enough time to react on the ball. Unlike on the surface with natural turf usually get damaged easier since he balls are heavy and players are also heavy in weight. Temperatures affects manufactured turf since hot temperatures cause the turf to get hot faster thus leading the metals on their shoes to bun the feet.

In sports, health and safety is a major issue. Invention of manufactured turf brought out some number of safety issues. Burns can be caused because of the friction caused between the user and the surface. This happens only to a limited level on real turf. Whenever the product is exposed to direct sunlight, the heat retained usually gets hotter than in normal grass.

It does not support microbial life hence making it not to be environmentally friendly. Players get injured on manufactured turf more in comparison to natural one. The injuries are higher and serious. Lots of chemicals are mostly used in making this product. It is unsafe to health because it is said to be a cancer-causing product.

The risks that are brought by manufactured turf are higher than the natural ones. The natural turf is good to the environment and is able to determine the temperatures. It is known to have a softer landing than on the manufactured grass, thus the rate the player can get injury is less than on the artificial turf.

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