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About California Contractor License Application Processing

By Esther Haines

If you wish to open a building and construction company you have to get a license for this unless the law exempts you for one reason or another. Thus, it is good to go through guidelines touching on licensure matters in order to determine your situation. California contractor license exam will be easier if you have all the facts.

Do not confuse a license and competence certificate. One cannot stand for the other. The first one is necessary for someone who wants to open a construction company even if he or she will not take part in its active management. The second one just shows that one has the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out construction and building projects.

In addition, you should select the legal status of the enterprise. It can either be a partnership, legal person or sole proprietorship. You can ask experts in the legal field the best entity to go for. Also accountants or notaries can help you out on this. However, make sure this decision is made after considering the objectives and needs of your firm. Anyone who does not enquire about this when advising you should just be dismissed.

Company registration is important. The procedure of registration will vary from one country to the other but the essence of doing this all over the globe is in order to get a number for the firm. However, sole proprietors do not have to do this because the enterprise has their name already.

When it comes to licensing, there are subclasses. Therefore, the one you go for should be in accordance with the type of work you do. Again, if you have issues with making a decision concerning this, there are always professionals who are willing to help. However, all those involved should not have negative criminal records.

When processing for contract license you need to submit a list of financial guarantors. This is in order to provide security for the license. Alternatively, you can get accredited through guarantee. In addition, there are several guarantee plans. Therefore, you need to go through them and select one which applies to your case.

When it comes to license security for a general contractor, there is money to be paid. However, you can approach credit unions, insurance companies or banks to be doing the remittance for you. In addition, because there are many alternatives when deciding the kind of security to offer, you should be knowledgeable concerning this matter. The certification accrediting you which has to be submitted does not go with the application form. It is submitted much later. It is the personnel who will be processing the license to communicate with you and inform you on the deadline date for submission.

You cannot hope to get a license to carry out an undertaking you are not qualified at. The appropriate board will have to assess the competency of the company in terms of doing construction work, site and project management, safety management and administration. Also, the workers are subjected to professional scrutiny.

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